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Man with Key

Company Profile

MAQ Financial  provides short and long term management services for real estate investors seeking a solid combination of both buy and hold and / or  fix and flip properties for their investment portfolio.  


Our emphasis is placed on the wide array of investor services that are catered to each investors portfolio.   


MAQ Financial is here to assist  you from the beginning to the end of a purchase. Whether it's a fix and flip being sold within a year, or a buy and hold to expand your portfolio.  Our property and project management services starts with a personalized relationship developed between investor and management. Each investor has different needs and requires a complete analysis of their real estate portfolio and profile. Being able to offer such a wide array of services allows us to cater to the needs of each investor under one company instead of utilizing multiple companies which can become confusing for investors with larger portfolios. 

Hard Money

Asset based, direct, private hard money loans. We provide guidance to the lending process so you can make your real estate investment dreams a reality


Our speed is our number 1 

commitment to you and your project. Proof of funds available within hours of receiving your request, with closing turnaround times in as quickly as 3 business days.

Financial Coaching

Are you a new borrower or first time real estate investor? No problem! Our staff will guide you through our simple process every step of the way. We are investors ourselves, we’ve been through this, and we understand the pressure that comes with real estate investing. 

Local services

We have strong, personalized, relationships with local referral partners  such as  loan officers, realtor  appraisers, attorneys, title agents, contractors, architects, and engineers. If you need a referral, just ask! We will set up a warm introduction to one of our trusted referral partners. 


Profitably is one of our top priorities at MAQ Financial. Allow us to analyze your numbers, do all the math and come back with a proposed budget that maximizes your profits and lowers all of your risk factors.  

Peace OF Mind

Trust, Reliability and clear communication is what separates MAQ Financial from the rest. The Relationship that we cultivate with our investors is our top priority. 

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